Bulverde Area Arts Center


Our Mission

The Bulverde Area Arts Center is a non-profit institution committed to providing education for those aspiring in the arts, exhibitions for practitioners and events for public participation. BAAC creates opportunities for exhibitors by featuring the work of individual artists, to inspire artists of all levels and in all mediums. Special outreach to Bulverde area youth will encourage and inspire interest and discover talents of the young people of the community. The only requirement for participation is a love of the arts and a desire for personal artistic development.



In early April 2010, that Jane Wood, doyen of Bulverde arts and society, conceived the idea of creating a place for creative people to gather in order to learn, teach and promote art. It was to be art in all its forms; whether graphic arts, culinary arts, visual arts, three dimensional art or sculpture, musical arts, performance art or even the nonsensical!


The Bulverde Area Arts Center (BAAC) would have remained nothing more than a beautiful concept had it not been for the willingness of Jane to put her idea into action: she generously donated a two room building that would become the future display/sales area and classroom. Inspired by Jane’s generosity, other members of the newly-formed BAAC eagerly volunteered their time and talents.


The BAAC gallery is open three days a week and Jane’s work continues, our membership continuing to grow. Please join us as a member or a patron, as we continue to provide a home and showcase for the arts and artists in the Texas Hill Country.