I’m an Artist…A Designer…A Maker…and An Educator! I have a B.F.A. from Long Island University and a Masters in Art Education (M.A.E.) from Texas Tech University. I teach workshops in glass, metal smithing and printmaking/design at my studio, Roadhouse Arts, in the Texas Hill Country. Instead of sleeping, I serve as the Director of Educational Content for, an online resource for kiln education, equipment, and supplies, serving the glass, metals, and clay communities. I have served as a faculty member at The Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, and a visiting instructor at The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, as well as The Pittsburgh Glass Center, Phoenix Center for the Arts, and The Fired Arts Academy at Jen-Ken, and at studios throughout Europe. My work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and is installed in public spaces and private collections throughout the region.

Artist Statement

My work encompasses many aspects of the female experience. I strive to convey the struggle women face in navigating the lines between their external persona and their inner character. My purpose is to produce socially conscious works that inform, educate, and increase awareness of these contradictions.

In my most personal pieces I explore the concept of stereotypical gender roles; those I chose to take on, and those that have been thrust upon me. Through my work I have learned that many women share my dissatisfaction about the expectations and messages that have been communicated to women. From childhood I, as well as so many other women, have been programmed to do it all: to be a mother, a maid, a home manager, a business success, a hot super model, and an emotional support system for all those around me. The expectation that a woman can do it all, be it all, and be happy, healthy, and emotionally secure is one that begun with post WWI advertising messages and persists to this day.

With expectations this broad, how might any woman truly feel she measures up against the “marketed” standard? Is it any wonder that American women suffer in record numbers from depression and anxiety? I, as well as many other women, continue to accept these messages as edicts. We practically kill ourselves trying to excel in every role. And as we are drowning in over commitment, exhaustion, and disappointment in our own inadequacy, we plaster a smile on our faces and into our psyches, trying desperately to convince ourselves we are happy under all the weight. It is my struggle, our struggle that I attempt to uncover from the shadows. To truly shed light upon how deep this issue runs in women of many generations.

My work continues to evolve in content and process as I continue my art education, my interaction with other artists, and my internal examination of my public roles versus my inner self.

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